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The next 5 years will be awesome

Following the recent elections in UK, social media were flooded with comments of pessimism that went a little like this: “Next five years are going to be hell”, or “Please … Continue reading

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Don’t ever let me die alone! (Dreams of a Life, Carol Morley, 2011)

You know when you watch something and you feel confused? That’s good! That’s how a movie should make you feel! If films were food, those which leave you confused would … Continue reading

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I want to be the main character of every Hollywood movie (Boyhood, Richard Linklater, 2014)

Forgive me Your Supreme Film Art, for I have sinned. I have let the dull attractions of this commercial world conquer my love for you and attract my fragile flesh: … Continue reading

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This is gonna save your life!

That is if you’re a film-maker or photographer struggling to find the perfect location for your shoot. Think about it. How many hours have you spend on Google typing “beautiful … Continue reading

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Young and Slutty (Jeune et Jolie, Francois Ozon, 2013)

If you’re excited to watch this film because it anticipates nudity and sex scenes, refrain! They’re not that sexy and juicy at all. I went to watch this film with … Continue reading

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Sausages, Vodka and rock and roll! (Play Poland Film Festival 2013)

I hope I can be forgiven for the provocative title, of which the only purpose is to grab the reader’s attention and discuss the identity issue within the Polish community. … Continue reading

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Your work screened? How exciting!

Just as I was wrapping up the filming of the first chapter of ‘3’ my short film trilogy, I received an email from the Pop Up Brighton people saying that … Continue reading

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